Visit The UK


We regularly assist individuals with complex UK immigration histories and those who may have been refused visit visas in the past. Whether you need to visit the UK for a temporary purpose, including for tourism, leisure, business, private medical treatment, marriage, transit, and permitted paid engagements we have considerable experience in helping individuals make successful visa applications.

If you are an individual looking to visit the UK and are struggling with the application process, we can help simplify the process and assist you in preparing a strong application.

You might be a non-visa national who doesn’t need to obtain a visa in advance of visiting the UK but who has experienced difficulty entering the UK. In these cases, we will assess what the risk is to you returning to the UK and can either help you cover yourself with a visa or provide a letter to support your entry to the UK.

While in the UK, the activities that a visitor may undertake are limited and determined by the type of visa they obtain. Therefore, it is imperative that overseas visitors understand and adhere to the scope of permitted and prohibited activities based on their particular status.

An individual can apply for a standard visitor visa to come to the UK for a holiday, for business or to receive private medical treatment. We have extensive experience in making family visitor visa applications and general medical treatment visitor visa applications. You can usually stay in the UK for up to six months, but you can stay longer if you are coming to the UK for private medical treatment. We also have experience in applying for long term standard visitor visas that last two, five, or ten years, but remember you can only stay for a maximum of six months on each visit. It is important to obtain expert legal advice.

In order to satisfy these requirements, we provide our clients with a list of evidence that they should submit to us.

It is important to obtain expert legal advice when making a visitor visa application because a right of appeal for family visit visas was abolished with effect from 25th June 2013. Therefore, if your visa has been refused any new application must be prepared especially carefully and with the reasons for the previous refusal in mind.

Our solicitors have substantial experience and broad knowledge of the complex rules regarding General and family visit visa applications to UK and we are well equipped to assist clients from the beginning to the end of visa process. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for expert advice if you require assistance or if you would like to apply.