Challenging Home Office Decisions


Receiving a negative decision on an immigration application can be devastating for all those affected. We understand the uncertainty and distress that can result from such decisions.

We offer strategic advice to individuals and organisations on the best way to challenge Home Office decisions. We take a pragmatic approach on behalf of our clients, ensuring the most cost effective and speedy resolution. Our experienced solicitors often advise and provide guidance to clients whose applications have been refused.

If you receive a negative decision, we will advise you on the evidential gaps in your case, identifying how they can be best remedied. This ensures that your case will be put before a Judge or Home Office Review Team in the best possible light.

Anyone subject to an eligible immigration decision also has the right to appeal to the Immigration Tribunal on the ground that the immigration decision breaches their human rights.

In the unlikely situation that a client’s applications is refused, we deploy a variety of tactics to get the decision overturned, including:

  • calling for reconsideration.
  • requesting administrative review.
  • lodging appeals to the Immigration First-Tier and Upper Tribunals; and
  • filing for judicial review.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for expert advice if you require assistance in challenging home office decisions and understanding the requirements and process.