Immigration Appeals


It is essential that those affected by negative Home Office decisions take advice about their position as soon as possible as the timeframes for lodging appeals or administrative reviews is limited. We can advise you on potential grounds of appeal, assist with lodging an appeal, help you to gather relevant evidence for your appeal, draft legal arguments in support of your appeal and represent you at your immigration appeal hearing.

Receiving a negative decision on an immigration application can be devastating for all those affected. We understand the uncertainty and distress that can result from such decisions. We offer strategic advice to individuals and organisations on the best way to challenge Home Office decisions. We take a pragmatic approach on behalf of our clients, ensuring the most cost effective and speedy resolution.

If you receive a negative decision, we will advise you on the evidential gaps in your case, identifying how they can be best remedied. This ensures that your case will be put before a Judge or Home Office Review Team in the best possible light.

Anyone subject to an eligible immigration decision also has the right to appeal to the Immigration Tribunal on the ground that the immigration decision breaches their human rights.Our immigration solicitors are experts in preparing and presenting immigration appeals before the First-tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal and higher courts.

First Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum) Appeals

Certain types of refused applications can be appealed using the First-Tier Tribunal, for example human rights claims and decisions to refuse documentation under the European Economic Area (EEA) Regulations.

For the key stages of the First-Tier Tribunal appeal process, please see below:

Certain types of refused applications can be appealed using the First-Tier Tribunal(human rights claims and under the EEA Regulations). For the key stages of the First-Tier Tribunal appeal process, please see below:

Stage 1

Obtaining instructions, providing strategic advice and preparing appeal form, including grounds of appeal. Appeals must be submitted within a limited timeframe depending on whether the application was made in-country or from outside of the UK. In-country appeals must usually be lodged within 14 days and out of country appeals must generally be lodged no later than 28 days.

Stage 2          

Tribunal processing and listing of appeal – First-Tier Tribunal appeals are currently listed approximately 8-24 weeks from lodging the appeal. We will prepare your appeal bundle and all the supporting documents for the hearing at First Tier Tribunal.

Stage 3          

Appeal hearing-an appeal can be decided on the day or alternatively, judgment may be reserved with a decision following in the post a few weeks after the hearing.

Stage 4          

Post-decision advice – Once an appeal has been decided we promptly provide post-decision advice, explaining the next steps.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for expert advice if you require assistance in preparing and presenting Immigration appeals before the First-Tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal and higher courts.